Be a Valentine to the hungry this month.
There is a myth that food panties can collect enough food during the giving season (Holidays) to feed the community all year round. It’s time for a myth buster… Ready?! Not true. Why isn’t it true, you may ask? I’m so glad you asked…. Let me explain…

For most of us; the Holiday Season is behind us, and our days are back to a routine that we are accustomed to and has accepted as normal. However, for many their normal is being hungry and (or) being nearly homeless, and this continues year round. A few days of collecting food and donations that are given out almost as quickly during the Holiday Season cannot meet the overwhelming need of our community.

Here at Gateway Community Outreach, we are thankful and are blessed to have loyal partners who help fill in the gap even after the Holiday Season is over to feed the hungry and provide funds to help the homeless.
Would you consider being a partner and help keep our working going all year long? It does not take much; a monthly gift of $25.00 is all it takes to feed one family.

Some facts to consider: In 2015, there were over 43.1 million people living in poverty at a rate of 13.5 percent of which 7.8 percent are children who are experiencing hunger regularly, facing bare cupboards and refrigerators wondering where their next meal will come from.

Here in South Florida, over 1 million residence (296,600 children) does not know where their next meal is coming from. A whopping 29 percent of these residences don’t qualify for federal nutrition programs and are forced to rely on non-profits like Gateway Community Outreach to meet their needs.

Gateway Community Outreach has made feeding the hungry our passion and mission for over 21 years and fed over 760,000 individuals since our inception. Our passion continues to be ignited when we meet the needs of our clients, watch them become self-sufficient and become volunteers who later meet the needs of others.
Be a valentine to the hungry this month, visit our website or give us a call 954-725-8434 to make a donation or find out about volunteer opportunities.