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Help us prevent homelessness and feed our community through our food Pantry.

Many families are one paycheck away from experiencing homelessness. It only takes the loss of a job, an injury, prolonged illness, unexpected expenses or a fire, to create an economic downturn for a family barely “getting by.” Most families experiencing these circumstances, within a few months, will go through hunger, experience an eviction or foreclosure and are at risk of being homeless.

Gateway Community Outreach steps in to provide the assistance needed, to prevent homelessness and restore self-sufficiency.

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About us

To safeguard and protect our most vulnerable community members form homelessness, by providing food, housing assistance, referrals and intensive case management to those in need of emergency aid.

What we can do for you


One of the most critical components of our services is the provision of food, either weekly or bi-weekly, to those who are hungry.

Baby Needs

We serve the less fortunate throughout Gateway’s eight satellites centers in Broward County and Palm Beach County.

Rent/Mortgage Assistance

We offer rental and mortgage assistance to those experiencing an economical crisis in Broward County.


We accept all clothing donations. Donated clothes are distributed through our Broward and Palm Beach County satellite locations.

Water Bill Assistance

If your water has been disconnected or you are a month behind in Broward County we can help.

End Of Year Donation


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Join us in our efforts to prevent homelessness and feed the community

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You should also know…

Gateway Community Outreach has been providing services in Broward County for over twenty-one years, and have helped over 760,000 individuals.

GCO provides solutions, to prevent homelessness, especially to those families with children who are trying to recover from an economic downturn of either losing their job, a loved one, unexpected emergency or experiencing health issue.

Our success is contributed to the utilization of our case management system, consisting of a 90-day plan to connect clients with services and referrals (i.e.) food, bus passes, baby needs, gift cards for clothing, rent/mortgage and water bill assistance.

In addition, to food distribution and direct services, GCO collaborates with 80 other agencies that provide a full spectrum of community service to meet additional and long-term needs.

Another partner is our local churches in Broward County and one in Palm Beach County have donated space, so that six of our sites are located in low-income neighborhoods, that allow clients easy access to our services.

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Your tax-deductible contributions will have a tangible and meaningful impact in our community. Because Gateway Community Outreach responds to the specific needs of  preventing homelessness, our programs are both efficient and cost-effective. We also keep our administrative costs low so more of your donated dollars reach the families and individuals we serve.

Give a Tax Deductible Gift Save a Family or Individual from homelessness