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Many families collapse into an economic disaster when a terrible circumstance gets out of control. It begins with a lost job, an injury, prolonged illness, a separation of parents, a fire, or some other damaging disaster. Within weeks, a family that has been "getting by" is suddenly under tremendous financial pressure. Within months, their home may be gone or a family is torn apart.

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Your tax-deductible contributions will have a tangible and meaningful impact in our community. Because Gateway Community Outreach responds to the specific needs of our families, our programs are both efficient and cost-effective. We also keep our administrative costs low so more of your donated dollars reach the families and individuals we serve.


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Gateway Community Outreach exists to help feed hungry families, assist with rent/mortgage and water bill payment to help stabilize and restore self sufficiency in our community.


One of the unique features of our services is our 90-Day Treatment Plan. When a family or individual comes to Gateway they are assessed to determine their economic and social service needs. The client is placed on a 90-Day Treatment Plan that provides groceries on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in addition to case management services. Case managers meet with clients to ensure that they are taking the appropriate steps to become self-sufficient, which is the true success of our program.

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