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Pictured above: (Left) Lisa Mooney/Gateway Board member (Right) Nora R. Gateway client.
Pictured above: (Left) Lisa Mooney/Gateway Board member (Right) Nora R. Gateway client.

Gateway saved my life when I was kicked out of a home in December 2017 that I lived in for 20 years. Thank God for angels like Gateway Community Outreach because without them I would be living in a car with my family. They helped me to get a 3-bedroom apartment in a nice neighborhood that I would never have been able to get on my own. I didn’t have money for the first month’s rent and was scared my family would be on the streets. Not only did they help me pay my rent they also provided me with food to feed my family. I’m so grateful for all that Gateway has done to help me get on my feet and keep me on my feet by allowing me to get groceries every week. They truly are angels in disguise.

Nora R.



I would like to thank all the staff at Gateway Community Outreach, they are very nice people and very helpful. I met with Jossie, and she treated me with great respect, and her supervisor was very nice to me. They all helped me in a positive way when I need help the most!

Laureen Browne


I would like to deeply thank you for the amazing work you do for us in the community. Your help and kind service has been a huge help to me and my daughter. Thank you very much.

It is with my deepest gratitude that I offer thanks to your organization for helping me in my time of need. Through Gateway’s rental assistance program, I was able to resolve my past due balance. I fell behind due to hardship in the COVID 19 crisis, as I was laid off due to the pandemic.

It is my hope that I can one day pay it forward and donate to your fine cause. As a college graduate with a keen interest in community service and development, I truly appreciate the efforts put forth by Gateway within the communities of Broward County. As a young adult Christian, it is inspiring to see goodwill charity, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, still at work today. It is also heartwarming to meet kind and dedicated individuals like Jossie, who graciously serve with a smile! I hope that you will accept my deepest gratitude and thanks for your generosity.

I would like to thank Gateway Outreach Community for their support in rental assistance. I've experienced financial hardship since the loss of my husband and delayed income during this pandemic. I am so grateful that Denise and Gateway were able to answer my earnest needs. God bless them in all that they do. Thank you.

I am so thankful for the Gateway Community Outreach Organization. I endured challenges with my employment due to the pandemic, which caused me undue stress trying to figure out how I was going to pay my rent and keep a roof over my two little ones. I am so thankful for this organization that provided assistance in a timely fashion. Denise was very understanding and helpful in such an extreme manner. It is so awesome they are able to assist in a crisis. Words can't express my sincere gratitude.

I want to say thanks to Gateway for being my savior. Sometimes my faith gets weak but fortunately, it is people like Gateway that make me believe again and gives me the strength to keep going. Thanks to good people in this world like Jossie and Gateway. Thank you and God bless you.

I pray this memo finds you in good spirits and health. I want to express my gratitude for your generosity towards me and my family. Gateway has blessed us during this pandemic like no other. Words cannot express how grateful we are. Special thanks to Danielle for receiving me with such a kind and pleasant spirit. Thank you for treating me with dignity.

Gateway saved my life when I was kicked out of a home in December 2017 that I lived in for 20 years. Thank God for angels like Gateway Community Outreach because without them I would be living in a car with my family. They helped me to get a 3-bedroom apartment in a nice neighborhood that I would never have been able to get on my own. I didn’t have money for the first month’s rent and was scared my family would be on the streets. Not only did they help me pay my rent they also provided me with food to feed my family. I’m so grateful for all that gateway has done to help me get on my feet and keep me on my feet by allowing me to get groceries every week. They truly are angels in disguise.

Covenant House Florida (CHF) is pleased to support your funding application to help people reclaim their independence and financial freedom. For over 26 years, Gateway’s mission has been to actively address the issue of hunger and seeks to safeguard and protect our community’s most vulnerable members.
As Executive Director of CHF, Broward County’s largest provider of shelter and support services to run away and homeless youth under age 21, I am painfully aware of the vital need for emergency assistance to prevent homelessness. Each year, CHF shelters over 500 different runaway/homeless Broward youths under age 21. Thus, CHF can attest to the need for, and effectiveness of, Gateway services in improving lives and preventing homelessness.
Gateway Community Outreach is a well-established, trusted, and respected community-based organization. The agency serves over 14,000 families, providing comprehensive crisis management services with a dedicated staff and over 350 volunteers who continuously monitor all intake procedures, tracking performance and data input on a weekly basis. Many of these families have experienced job loss, trauma, substance abuse, and mental illness. Gateway uses a multi-symptom approach starting with basic needs (nutritious food and rent/mortgage assistance). The direct and personalized assistance provided is instrumental in helping each family work through their crisis and get “back on their feet.”
Gateway Community Outreach is a vital prevention partner in Broward County’s Homeless Continuum of Care. If we can be of further assistance, kindly contact me directly.


The Soref Jewish Community Center is very proud to be a longstanding partner with Gateway Community Outreach. Gateway serves as a critical part of the social services agency network that serves the needy throughout South Florida. Particularly, Carol Ray’s leadership to procure and administer Emergency Food and Shelter Program funding has made a huge difference in the lives of many needy individuals. The WECARE food pantry located on our JCC’s Plantation campus assists over 10, clients annually thanks in large part to the superb efforts of Gateway.
Gateway’s staff is always very professional and eager to support our JCC. They are highly trained in carrying out their mission to assist those in need and their enthusiasm to help others always shines brightly.
Our JCC highly commends the find work of Gateway Community Outreach and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.
Donald Graw
Executive Director

The purpose of this letter is to express the personal appreciation I have received from the entire staff at your program, Gateway Community Outreach. I would like to truly thank you for the rental assistance and all the extra effort of support and ensuring me that it will be ok.
After being turned away from other agencies, due to no funding or not meeting certain requirements, I felt I was going in circles, and I didn’t know what I was going to do next. I am deeply grateful for your kindness, your trust, and most importantly your prayer.
With all the assistance Gateway has provided to me, again, I truly thank you, it was a tremendous help. Gateway has led me to believe there is still hope for struggling parents, that have children with disabilities.
My son, six years old, has had a special need, since birth, which makes it difficult for me to work a full-time position because I don’t have Aftercare for him. As I am trying to resolve this matter, please continue to keep us in your prayers.
I will gladly accept all information shared with me for the help I need to get me back on the right path.
It would be my pleasure to give back and help the organization by volunteering at any function/giveaway or offering my decorating expertise for a small event. Please advise.
Once again thanks for all your generosity.
Thanks for your help.

Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC) is pleased to support your funding application to continue your mission of helping families and individuals get back on their feet to the state of self-sufficiency. For 26 years, Gateway Community Outreach has protected the most vulnerable of communities by providing food, housing assistance, referrals, and intensive case management to those in need of emergency aid.
As Executive Director of Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC), which serves over 10,000 children and families with special healthcare needs, regardless of the ability to pay in Broward County, I am very aware of the need for emergency assistance to support families. You and your staff have played a significant role in this community, and we are proud to stand by you.
Gateway Community Outreach is a well-established, trusted, and respected organization. Your agency steps in and helps families get back onto their feet in their time of need. You are a vital prevention partner for Broward County, and we look forward to working together more. If you need further assistance, please contact me directly.

I like to start out by thanking Jesus for all the blessings in my life.

I thank you Gateway Community Outreach for the providence of assistance and help that you provide not only to my family that is in need but to the Community. Keep up the good work. God bless you. Thank you

We would like to thank God first for Gateway and the helpers at Mount Calvary. Thank you, Gateway, for your blessings with my family, and special thanks to God and the staff at Gateway. May God continue to bless your pantry and the work that you do. Thank you!

Carlos worked for 21 years as an Aviation professional with the knowledge of most aircraft from tail to nose.

He was given an incredible opportunity to be a partner in a new startup company, focused on delivering cutting-edge aviation products, how exciting this opportunity was for him.

After two years with this company and enjoying his new position, he was presented with news, (that no one wanted to hear) that his managing partners miss – appropriated funds and were facing a possible shutdown by their investors.

During our interview, Carlos shared “It’s hard sometimes to deal with the emotions that I lost my job at no fault of my own and hard to grasp that here I stand eight months and 15 interviews later, still left without savings and no income to take care of my family. I thank God, for Gateway Community Outreach, for helping me to pay my rent and feed my family. Because of their ongoing compassion and non – judgmental care in meeting these needs I too wanted to help others understand the gem I have found to help me in such a difficult situation.”

“Now, I am not only a client, but I am also a volunteer to help others through the same situation I have experienced.”

I am writing to you on behalf of my sons Matthew and Michael. As high school students they have built a relationship with Ms. Carol Ray and the Gateway Community Outreach Program, by coordinating the Hunger Hurts Food Drive for the past two years. As a family, we are extremely grateful for the experience as well as the opportunity to help the Gateway Community Outreach Program with food collections as they aid individuals in need of reaching self-sufficiency during an economic crisis.

As teenage boys, it has been a humbling and heartfelt journey to be a part of making a difference by helping people that are in need. By working with the Gateway Community Outreach Program, I have become much more aware of unfortunate circumstances that many families go through. We have a new understanding as to how quickly the collapse into an economic disaster can begin with a terrible circumstance that gets out of control. Whether it is the loss of a job, an injury or prolonged illness, separation of parents, fire, or some other damaging disaster. We have a better understanding of how within weeks, a family that has been just getting by is suddenly under tremendous financial pressure. Within months, their home may be gone, or a family torn apart. We are proud to be a part of helping this program in collecting food for families in these types of crises.

I am thankful that my children as boys have had the opportunity to meet Ms. Carol Ray and her staff. Ms. Ray has shown her appreciation for their efforts in helping the less fortunate. By obtaining 16 locations as collections sites the Hunger Hurts Food Drive has been able to collect and donate over 3,100 pounds of food to this program. They have true respect for Ms. Ray and Gateway Community Outreach Program. Through this journey my children as well as myself have found that pride is nice, accomplishments are fulfilling, but knowing you have helped another in need is truly priceless. It has been a wonderful experience working with such a fine organization. Thank You

I would like to express my appreciation for your continued partnership and support of the Financial Education outreach efforts of Consolidated Credit Solutions, Inc. As a valued partner, you and the staff at Gateway Community Outreach have played a significant role in the success of the various educational programs held throughout Broward County under your sponsorship.

It has been a pleasure to present Financial Education to your clients covering from budget, credit, and foreclosure prevention to home-ownership instruction for those aspiring first-time homebuyers. I believe your organization is a beacon of light to many in need and it is our privilege to work with you to make a difference in their lives.

Our housing/credit counselors and I look forward to working with you and your staff to reach those who need assistance the most.

I received a call in September of 2015, from a young lady that I will call Janet Doe. Janet called to inquire about getting rental assistance for her family as she recently lost her job and was three months behind. Janet Doe was referred to another agency for help because of the severity of her delinquency.

Janet Doe called back to report that the agency I referred her to was able to help her with three months of rental assistance and she had found a job. The client then called in the early part of October, it was raining heavily, and it was 4:00 pm. She stated that her children an 8-year-old, girl, a six-year-old autistic son, and she were hungry had no money, no gas for the car, no food, and were in desperate need. I took her name and number then went to the warehouse to pack her some food that I would deliver to her at a public place near to her home because she would not be able to get to our pantry.

I arrived at the destination and was greeted by Janet whom I had never met but she told me what kind of car she had. Her children were very happy to see me arrive with fresh fruit, vegetables, dry goods, fresh bread. Her autistic son hugged me uncontrollably as he picked some of the fresh fruit out of the container for consumption. Janet stated that she was amazed that I had come to help her because she had no idea how she would feed them because her first check had not been received yet.

Gateway also provided her with 2 gift cards to purchase meat and more groceries to assist her until she can buy more food as she waits to get paid. Janet was very appreciative, and I still get calls from her at least twice a month informing me of her progress and about the children’s well-being or issues she may be experiencing.

I would like to give a special thanks to the Gateway people for all the help. I really appreciate the prayer and the food for my special needs child. Isabella had a stroke when I was eight months pregnant and because of it, she was born blind with a hole in her heart and her lungs. She started seeing and walking at the age of four.

Isabella is half-paralyzed although she is doing better. Her immune system is weak so it’s hard for me to work. She also is epileptic because of all her hospital stays. I’m hoping that by age six her immune system gets strong so I could work. Also, so I could work and give back to the people. I have been there for my family and so some volunteering. Thank you, Gateway, for helping me.

To the people that care for others,
My name is Clary F. I have a daughter Chalamar 38 years old and bedridden. She has four children that in school, she was in the nursing home, she wasn’t being cared for properly, she had bad bedsores, etc.
We brought her home not understanding the cost and the needs. I couldn’t work at the time and care for her, and the children’s needs. I thank Gateway Community Outreach and everyone that helped us through our test. God blessed me to meet these people that care about others. My family appreciates the help, I can truly say it was a pleasure meeting Ms. Denise and the team here at Gateway. I will always be thankful for their help.

I am Marjorie, I reached out for some assistance from Gateway Community Outreach last year for help at a time that I was having financial problems. I learned about them through another association that at the time was unable to assist me. I was so grateful they were able to help me with rent assistance after carefully evaluating my assessment at my intake appointment.
I feel that Gateway and their competent staff is well qualified at reaching out to help people in their time of need. So, therefore, please keep up the good work and may God forever keep your outreach and keep the love that you all have for your fellow mankind. God bless.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and your outreach ministry for the help with my rent. I also would like for you to know that you have a sweet spirit, and you don’t find it that often. So, therefore, keep up the good work and God will forever keep you and smile upon you. I think it is a beautiful thing that you all are doing to help people in times of their needs.

Pray for me that I stay under the word of God and always guide me the right way. Again, God bless you and keep you forever.

As a result of the assistance my family received from Gateway Community Outreach, we were able to stay in our apartment and avoid eviction. I initially contacted Gateway after another organization was not able to help; however, they did provide a list of other agencies that might have the resources to do so. During my initial call with you, you expressed a deep interest in being able to do whatever you could to help. I’ll never forget the words of encouragement that you offered over the phone and suggested that I keep the faith that our family would not end up on the street.

In my professional career, I’ve worked for many grant-funded agencies, and I’ve been on the other side of the aisle aiding other people. This time I had come full circle since my family was in need and meeting with you and your staff at the Gateway office was literally a life-changing experience. Thank you for praying over us, sending us home with food and gift cards that I Could use for our 3 small children. I must admit that the days following our meeting were a true testament of faith as I began to doubt that everything would come together in time before our deadline.

Words cannot fully express the gratitude that I have for your unwavering efforts to see the situation through. Gateway truly went above and beyond my expectations by using money from their general funds because our apartment complex would not accept a certified bank check. We’re privileged to be among the many families in the community that Gateway has made its mission to help since its inception over 21 years ago.

I am so grateful that your kindness didn’t stop at helping with our rent but that you included our children in your Special Touch Christmas program. Along with the gifts they received from the program and items bought with the gift cards they had an exciting Christmas. Thank you for thinking of my family first when an anonymous donor requested to help a family in need. Having our FPL bill paid up for a few months certainly is more than helpful as it allows us to have a few extra funds in our budget to prepare for the birth of our next child. Thank you

Because I am working so much and have no time, I am thankful for the ability to get this food for my family.

Gateway was great and Denise was AMAZING. I couldn’t be more grateful for what they did for me. I am finally getting back on my feet after losing everything and I owe a huge part of that to Gateway. Denise was my lifesaver, and I couldn’t be more grateful for what she and Gateway Community Outreach has done for me in my time of hardship.

Jamie was very polite and pleasant. She assisted me in paying my water bill in a desperate time and I thank God for this organization. I would highly recommend Gateway for anyone who is in a bad place because they are always happy to help.

I was referred to Gateway Community Outreach by my water company. Right as they were about to turn off my water, Gateway saved us right in the knick of time! I am a single mother of three children, and I was in a tremendous time of need. I am very appreciative to Gateway for reaching out a hand and helping me get back on my feet.

I was in desperate need. Jamie was kind, receptive, and patient when I felt like a mess. I was sick for a long time, in and out of the hospital, and falling behind on bills. My own church turned its back on me and refused to help in my time of crisis. Gateway went above and beyond not only did they help me pay my water bill, but they also provided me with food and other resources. Jamie was exactly the kind of person I needed at that time in my life. She was a blessing and I wish I could reach out and hug her!

I have two special needs kids and sometimes I run out of money toward the end of the month, so I am truly grateful for all the food I receive from Gateway. Their case manager has also assisted me in renewing my food stamps. I am from the Virgin Islands and their case manager assisted me in getting on the Broward County Housing program.

Your generosity truly helped my family and me during our difficult time with food. Gateway also assisted me with my water bill and one month’s rent. We are so grateful for the people at Gateway Community Outreach.

Good morning, Gateway employees, my name is Chinara Busbee. I am writing you to let you know that I am truly grateful for the help I needed to assist me with my rent in November 2017. I found your company just by surfing the web, I contacted you, did a phone interview and it was determined through the phone interview that I pre-qualified for the assistance. At that time, we had just experienced a major hurricane which set me back tremendously with my rent. Not only with rent but lights as well. That’s why I contacted Gateway and they were able to save me from losing my place, which I share with my three children. When I went to my appointment. I had all the required documents in which I had to submit. I was just waiting on the final approval. I prayed so hard and the next couple of days I received a phone call from my caseworker that my rent check was approved, and the check was sent out. It did not take long, that’s why I know that Gateway is an excellent source of emergency help when needed. Thank you so much for assisting me with the rent. I hope this program continues to grow and continue to help people when needed.

I want to thank Gateway Community Outreach for their prompt assistance in helping me with my rent in December 2017. I had contacted several agencies and got no help. When I called this agency, a friendly voice answered and connected me with Vivienne a wonderful caseworker who was willing to listen & help in any way she could. She asked me to bring in my documents the same day which I did, and she helped me in an urgent manner. This is a caring agency that is needed in the community. You are rated 5*****

Hello Ms. Jamie,

I was touching base with you because I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude. When my family and I were in distress post-hurricane Irma, and after having already lost our home earlier on last year after 17 years to foreclosure and had nowhere to live. It was your organization that had assisted with financial funding to aid with our moving in expense. I truly thank God that this organization was there. Had it not been so, I’m not sure as to what and where my family and I would be today. Thus far, this year the kids and I live in a safe, nice, crime-free community. We’re trusting God that things have turned around for the better and we’re doing our best to trust God and move forward in our faith. But more importantly, we pray that this program has all the necessary funds to continue to help single mothers like myself. Ms. Jamie, again God bless you and, I pray that God prospers you even more in this season.

I was underemployed and experiencing additional financial difficulties caused by Hurricane Harvey. My bills were piling up and I could not pay my rent. I was referred to Gateway Community Outreach after contacting numerous agencies that offer the same assistance.

Once I was pre-approved over the phone, the application process was fast and simple, and my case manager was very helpful. The rent check was processed and mailed to my rental office.

I am currently working full-time and am in a better financial situation.

Thank you, Gateway! You were great during my time of need. I hope that you continue to help those in need.


During my unemployment, I fell behind on my bills. I made inquiries at various agencies and got the run-around. I was finally referred to Gateway Community Outreach.

The application process was simple and within a week I was approved. My landlord was paid, and I got my life “back on track.” I am now a full-time employee. Thanks to Gateway, I not only received assistance with my rent, but I also received much-needed groceries for my three children.

Gateway has been a blessing.


During hurricane Irma, I missed a couple of days from work. Because of this, I fell behind on my mortgage payment and other bills. I contacted several agencies that offer rental assistance, none could help me for some, the waiting period was 4-6 weeks. One agency referred me to Gateway Community Outreach.

It took approximately one week from the application to approval! Because of the help from GCO, I was able to pay my mortgage. My children and I are very grateful for the help from the Gateway Community Outreach staff.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Gateway Outreach for helping me out with my rent and food in December. I was about to be homeless, and someone mentioned that Gateway could possibly help me. I’ve never done anything like this before and was a bit skeptical. I was unemployed and didn’t want my girls and me to be homeless. The staff was very kind, helpful, and generous.

I’m glad a program like this exists for people that are in the predicament that I was in. Everyone deserves to be helped that are trying to do better for themselves and their family. There will also be fewer families in shelters or the streets. Thank you,

Gateway saved my life when I was kicked out of a home in December 2017 that I lived in for 20 years. Thank God for angels like Gateway Community Outreach because without them I would be living in a car with my family. They helped me to get a 3-bedroom apartment in a nice neighborhood that I would never have been able to get on my own. I didn’t have money for the first month’s rent and was scared my family would be on the streets. Not only did they help me pay my rent they also provided me with food to feed my family. I’m so grateful for all that gateway has done to help me get on my feet and keep me on my feet by allowing me to get groceries every week. They truly are angels in disguise.

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