I like to start out by thanking Jesus for all the blessings in my life.

I thank you Gateway Community Outreach for the providence of assistance and help that you provide not only to my family that is in need but to the Community.  Keep up the good work.  God bless you. Thank you

A. HudsonKeep Up The Awesome Work!

We would like to thank God first for Gateway and the helpers at Mount Calvary.  Thank you Gateway for your blessings with my family and special thanks for God and the staff at Gateway. May God continue to bless your pantry and the work that you do.  Thank you

L. ThomasGateway Bless My Family

Carlos worked for 21 years as an Aviation professional with the knowledge of most aircraft’s from tail to nose.

He was given an incredible opportunity to be a partner in a new startup company, focused on delivering cutting edge aviation products, how exciting this opportunity was for him.

After two years with this company and enjoying his new position, he was presented with news, (that no one wanted to hear) that his managing partners miss – appropriated funds and they were facing a possible shut down by their investors.

During our interview Carlos shared “It’s hard sometimes to deal with the emotions that I lost my job at no fault of my own and also hard to grasp that here I stand eight months and 15 interviews later, still left without savings and no income to take care of my family. I thank God, for Gateway Community Outreach, for helping me to pay my rent and feed my family. Because of their ongoing compassion and non – judgmental care in meeting these needs I too wanted to help other understand the gem I have found to help me in such a difficult situation.”

“Now, I am not only a client but I am also a volunteer to help others through the same situation I have experienced.”

Carlos MCouldn’t Do It Without You

I am writing to you on behalf of my sons Matthew and Michael. As high school students they have built a relationship with Ms. Carol Ray and the Gateway Community Outreach Program, by coordinating the Hunger Hurts Food Drive for the past two years. As a family we are extremely grateful for the experience as well as the opportunity to help the Gateway Community Outreach Program with food collections as they offer assistance to individuals in need of reaching self sufficiency in the mist of economic crisis.

As teenage boys it has been a humbling and heartfelt journey to be a part of making a difference by helping people that are in need. By working with the Gateway Community Outreach Program m bps as well as I have become much more aware of unfortunate circumstances that many families go through. We ave a new understanding as to how quickly the collapse into an economic disaster can begin with a terrible circumstance that get our of control. Whether it is the loss of a job, an injury or prolonged illness, a separation of parents, fire or some other damaging disaster. We have a better understanding of how within weeks, a family that has been just getting by is suddenly under tremendous financial pressure. Within months, their home may be gone or a family torn apart. We are proud to be a part of helping this program in collecting food for families in these types of crisis.

I am thankful that my children as boys, have had the opportunity to meet Ms. Carol Ray and her staff.  Ms. Ray has shown her appreciation for their efforts in helping the less fortunate. By obtaining 16 locations as collections sites the Hunger Hurts Food Drive has been able to collect and donate over  3,100 pounds of food to this program. They have a true respect for Ms. Ray and Gateway Community Outreach Program. Through this journey my children as well as myself have found that pride is nice, accomplishments are fulfilling, but knowing you have helped another in need is truly priceless. It has been a wonderful experience working with such a fine organization.  Thank You

L. Russo - VolunteerThank You for opening our eyes

September 23, 2015 – The purpose of this letter is to express my personal appreciation I have received from the entire staff at your program, Gateway Community Outreach. I will like to truly thank you for the rental assistance and all the extra effort of support and ensuring me that it we will be ok.

After being turned away from other agencies, due to no funding or not meeting certain requirements, I felt I was going in circles, and I didn’t know what I was going to do next. I am deeply grateful for your kindness,  your trust and most importantly your prayer.

With all of the assistance Gateway has provided to me, again, I truly thank you, it was a tremendous help. Gateway has lead me to believe there is still hope for struggling parents, that has children with disabilities.

My son, six years old, has a special need, since birth, which makes it difficult for me to work a full time position because I don’t have Aftercare for him. As I am trying to resolve this matter, please continue to keep us in your prayers.

I will gladly accept any and all information shared with me for the help I need to getting me back on the right path.

It would be my pleasure to give back and help the organization by volunteering at any function/giveaway or offering my decorating expertise for a small event. Please advise.

Once again thanks for your all the generosity. Special thanks to

Thanks for your help.

Latoya T.I Am Deeply Grateful For Your Kindness

The Soref Jewish Community Center is very proud to be a longstanding partner with Gateway Community Outreach. Gateway serves as a critical part of the social services agency network that serves the needy throughout South Florida. Particularly, Carol Ray’s leadership to procure and administer Emergency Food and Shelter Program funding has made a huge difference in the lives of many needy individuals. The WECARE food pantry located on our JCC’s Plantation campus assists over 10, clients annually thanks in large par to the superb efforts of Gateway.

Gateway’s staff is always very professional and eager to support our JCC. They are highly trained in carrying out their mission to assist those in need and their enthusiasm to help others always shines brightly.

Our JCC highly commends the find work of Gateway Community Outreach and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.

Donald Graw

Executive Director

Soref Jewish Foundation - Donald GrawProud Of Our Partnership

I received a call in September of 2015, from a young lady that I will call Janet Doe. Janet called to inquire about getting rental assistance for her family as she recently lost her job and was three months behind. Janet Doe was referred to another agency for help because of the severity of her delinquency.

Janet Doe called back to report that the agency I referred her to was able to help her with three months of rental assistance and she had found a job. The client then called in the early part of October, it was raining heavily and it was 4:00 pm. She stated that her children an 8 year old, girl, a six year old autistic son and her were hungry had no money, no gas for the car, no food and were in desperate need. I took her name and number then went to the warehouse to pack her some food that I would deliver to her at a public place near to her home because she would not be able to get to our pantry.

I arrived at the destination and was greeted by Janet whom I had never met but she told me what kind of car she had. Her children were very happy to see me arrive with fresh fruit, vegetables, dry goods, fresh bread. Her autistic son hugged me uncontrollably as he picked some of the fresh fruit out of the container for consumption. Janet stated that she was amazed that I had came to help her because she had no idea how she would feed them because her first check had not been received yet.

Gateway also provided her with 2 gift cards to purchase meat and more groceries to assist her until she can buy more food until she gets paid. Janet was very appreciative and I still get calls from her at least twice a month informing me of her progress and about the children’s’ well being or issues she may be experiencing.

AnonymousThank You

6/01/11 – I  would like to give a special thank t the gateway people for all the help. I really appreciate the prayer and the food for my special need child, Isabella had a stroke when I was eight month s pregnant and because of it she was born blind with a hole in heart and her lungs.  She started seeing and walking at the age of four.

Isabella is half paralyze although she is doing better. Her immune system is weak so its hard for me to work. She also is epileptic because of all her in and out of the hospital.  I’m hoping that by age six her immune system get strong so I could work and also strong so I could work and also give back to the people I been there for my family and so some volunteering . Thank you Gateway for helping me.

Aleida M.Thanks For Helping My Special Needs Child

5/20/2011 – To the people that care for others

My name is Clary F. I have a daughter Chalamar, 38 years old bedridden. She has four children that in school, she was in the nursing home, she wasn’t  being cared for properly, she had bad bed sores etc.

We brought her home not understanding the cost and the needs.  I couldn’t work at the time and care for her and the children needs.  I thank Gateway Community Outreach and everyone that helped us through our test.  God bless me to meet these people that care about others. My family appreciate the help, I can truly say it was a pleasure meeting Ms. Denise and the team there at Gateway. I will always be thankful for their help.

Clary F.To the people that care for others

5/16/2011 – I am Marjorie reached out for some assistance from Gateway Community Outreach last year for help at a time that I was having financial problems.  I learned about them through another association which at the time was unable to assist me. I was so grateful  they were able to help me with rent assistance after carefully evaluating my assessment at my intake appointment.

I feel that Gateway and their competent staff is well qualified at reaching out to help people in their time of need.  So therefore please keep up the good work and may God forever keep your outreach and keep the love that you all have for your fellow mankind.   God bless

Marjorie R.May God Forever Keep Gateway!

7/6/2010 – From the bottom of my heart I thank you and your outreach ministry for the help with my rent.  I also would like for you tot know that  you have a sweet spirit and you don’t find that often.  So therefore, keep up the food work and God will forever keep you and smile upon you.  I think its a beautiful thing that you all are doing to help people in time of their needs.

Pray for me that I stay under the word of God and guide me the right way at all times.  Again, God bless you and keep you forever.

MarjoriesFrom The Bottom Of My Heart THANK YOU