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    The above named participant agrees to provide the services and/or food/beverage on or before the event date. The food, service or beverage provider will be solely responsible for their staff, equipment and supplies. Participant will be expected to return the event servicing area to the original condition.

    *Any and all insurance binders are the responsibility of the vendor.
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  • Enter "None" if not donating to auction/raffle

Parkland Golf & Country Club
10001 Old Club Rd.
Parkland, FL

All donations must be submitted to Gateway Community Outreach by April 5, 2019

Your generous participation benefits – Gateway Community Outreach –
Gateway Community Outreach is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit recognized by the IRS.
Visit the Gateway Gala Website
Gateway Community Outreach Inc.
291 S.E. 1st Terrace, Deerfiledd Beach, FL 33441

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